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Add custom voucher (from module) to $displayVouchers in shopping-cart.tpl


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I have a module that adds X number of vouchers to the database. Everything works just fine except one little, annoying thing. When I add my vouchers the voucher input field won't appear on the shopping-cart.tpl. Because of this code:



    {foreach $displayVouchers as $voucher}

When I add even a single voucher from back office cart rules everything will work great: the input field will be shown and I can use my own vouchers generated by my module. When I remove that voucher the input field will disappear. Of course I can alter the shopping-cart.tpl itself and fix that but I want my module to work without altering themes.

Is there any way to add anything to $displayVouchers array from inside my module? I was thinking about install() function.

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