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Incremental invoice numbers multistore


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I want to know the risk of making incremental invoice numbers for each store e.g


I want for STORE1 invoice numbers: STORE1-100, STORE1-101, STORE1-102, STORE1-103, STORE1- (next incremental number)...
Same for STORE2 invoice numers: STORE2-100, STORE2-101, STORE2-102, STORE2-103, STORE2- (next incremental number)...


So I don't use shared counter but for each store its possible to repeat the incremental number, and we differ stores just by some prefix like STORE1, STORE2 etc..


Actually Prestashop by default  is using shared incremental numbers and for STORE1 you will see numbers:


STORE1-100, STORE1-109, STORE1-130 etc..  STORE2-101, STORE2-111, STORE2-140 etc..same for others stores and you are not able to save the incremental number (counter) for each store but its shared between stores.


So just give me a good reason not to do like my solution as I described above marked with red .

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