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  1. If I remember correctly, 1.0.0 is the latest one. It should be usable with any 1.0.6.+ version, but really I'm not sure.
  2. It should clear the cache every time you update a product. There should even be an hook that clears the cache when you empty the Smarty cache. I made this module ages ago, I can't remember well.
  3. Be sure to transplant it in positions displayHeader and actionResponse. To check if is running, view the source of your front page (in Chrome is Ctrl+U) and you should see <!-- cached on ... --> at the very beginning (you may have to refresh the page a couple of times - be sure to be logged out).
  4. @alexmercenary try replacing const TTL = 3600*24*7; with const TTL = 604800; If it doesn't work, I can't help you any further.
  5. @alexmercenary replace empty arrays with empty strings ("") and replace isNotExcluded function with the following: private function isNotExcluded($id, $pool) { if (is_string($pool)) $pool = explode(", ", $pool); return array_search($id, $pool) === false; }
  6. @Claudiocool Would you mind paying 10€ for me to develop an updated version? If not, you probably don't really need this module.
  7. @Claudiocool I don't work much on Prestashop anymore. If you have a minimum of programming skills, it should be really easy to adapt or even implement by yourself this module. The workflow is as simple as: Hook into the first available hook Create an hash of the request (maybe url + language + shop) If you have a cached copy, serve it else continue Hook into the response sending (you may have to create a custom hook) Create a hash of the request and cache the response (in the filesystem, in DB, in Memcache...) Done Maybe someone else in the community will spend a minute to do so and release it.
  8. @Claudiocool How often have you found you need to reset the module?
  9. @vucumbra How to use: - install module uploading via zip / FTP - via FTP, open /root/override/classes/controller folder - if there's no FrontController.php file, just copy that in the module's folder - if there is such file, open it and merge the content from the module's one - delete the /root/cache/class_index.php file Post your site here so I can check if it's working.
  10. @vucumbra Hai ragione, devi copiare solo FrontController.php nella tua cartella override. Se ne hai già fatto l'override, ti basta copiare la funzione smartyOutputContent.
  11. @vucumbra - il modulo in sè è il file xtremecache.php - config.xml viene generato da Prestashop quando installi il modulo, quindi non è obbligatorio caricarlo - override/classes/controller/Controller.php introduce un nuovo hook per salvare una copia della pagina nella cache - override/controllers/admin/AdminPerformanceController.php permette di svuotare la cache tramite il pannello di amministrazione Il modulo funziona in automatico, basta che sia attivo.
  12. @akhawat download from Github. Note that you need to rename the zip and remove "master" from the name
  13. @vucumbra Il tuo sito non si è incasinato perché ci sono 10 zip, secondo me
  14. Really strange... Is only a few kb because it doesn't ship phpFastCache as the older versions... I'll test by myself on more shops, sorry.
  15. @malcek You're not using v2.0.0 since it doesn't uses phpfastcache. Still, the error occurs because of the pdo extension missing: you can solve this by switching to filesystem cache (look for a DRIVER option in the module file).
  16. @dmr-electronics Version 2.0.0 stopped using Fastcache: it uses Prestashop's native cache instead.
  17. @malcek Maybe it's due to the FrontController override. Can you post your error log?
  18. @malcek Sorry for my late response, I've not been working with Prestashop for a while. I can't say what's wrong, but I suggest you try v.2.0.0
  19. I'll be working on it on the weekend. I've not been working on Prestashop for a long time, sorry...
  20. Update: released version 1.0.1 with majox performance fix. Also product info adds a lot of new attributes to be edited.
  21. Is it a question? I already answered. Also, writing in CAPITAL letters won't help you get more help.
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