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How to return products in the back office

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I've read through the docs on how returns are supposed to work but I am really confused.


I have returns allowed in the Merchandise Returns menu.


I go to an order in the back office that has been marked as shipped and then I click on the Return products action button. I select the products and clicked on Return products at the bottom. 


I expected that the customer would be emailed and there would be an entry in the Merchandise Returns that shows the return in progress that would allow me to check that I have received the product and to create the credit slip. 


This is not the case, nothing is created under Merchandise Returns. It can't be that the only way to do this is through the front office logged in as the customer. 


So what am I doing wrong?

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Did the customer create an RMA from the FO to return the product/s. I believe this must happen first before you can create the return feature from the BO.


Here is the little tutorial I created for the Returns cms page for our customers, may help you.



How To Return An Item:

In the unlikely case you must return your items to us, please follow these steps.

Create an RMA (return merchandise autorization) 

1. Log On to Your Account, in your accounts page click on Order History And Details.

2. Find the Order with the product you wish to return, click the Plus sign and then Details.

3. Scroll down the page to the Product/s in this order and check the item/s you wish to return.

4. In the Merchandise Return section click on Make an RMA Slip.

5. In the next page select the number of parts you wish to return and give an explanation for the return and click Make an RMA slip.


Please Give US up to 24 hrs to review you RMA request.

Once we review the request we will update the status of your Merchandise Return you account. 


6. You can check the status of your return by logging in to your account and clicking on My Merchandise Returns.

7. Once the return is excepted your status will change to Waiting for package, at this time please ship the package to us.

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tdr170, Thanks for the quick response, this is what I feared. What happens when a customer calls in to troubleshoot a product and we deem that it needs to be returned or they would rather have us do it over the phone? It would be bad customer service for us to tell them to login to their account and start a return.

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OK so I tested a return from BO and it worked fine, the Merchandise reuturn tab must be triggered by the RMA ??


Here is what I did I had a test order so I changed status to Shipped then Delivered.

Clicked the Returns Products button, this took me to the list of ordered products, under the returns I checked the product.

Now on the left I chose generate a voucher and clicked return products.

While the Merchadise returns said 0 the product shows as returned.

I checked my account and the voucher was in MY Vouchers under my account.


Additional I returned another product this time not selecting any return options from the left, Item shows as returned, I then clicked Process a refund and the order was completely refunded.


Once again the Merchandise returns shows 0, I am assuming this is only triggered by the RMA from a customer.


So don't worry all seems to work from BO fro customer returns, However I would have the customer return the product once in your hands then proceed with the Voucher, Refund or Credit card slip.


So anyway it does work.

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Yeah, I've done it from the BO as well but this returns the product without tracking the product(s) getting returned, so if you don't want the product back then you could easily do this.


In order to do this the "proper" way it looks like I need to create an override on the AdminOrders controller. The code to do the return is in controllers/front/OrderFollowController and the class is OrderReturn.


I'm going to mark this as solved and open a feature request in Forge. Thanks for your help on this tdr170.

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@kellykarnetsky We just started to work with the RMA feature and I am having the same question.

Which solution did you find in the meantime?

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I have the same issue too. 

Without an RMA I can't have all the return documents. This is a bit retarded since if the client can do it so does the admin.

 Anyone has a solution ?

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