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  1. So I have a customer in South Korea and I can not seem to figure out shipping as he gets the There are no carriers that deliver to this address. I have all countries enabled all zones enabled and carriers set to Zone Asia, I have looked and looked but just can not seem to get this to work. I created a test site so I could sign in with his account and see what I could do but just can not figure the problem out and hoping someone here might be able to help. I have been using Prestashop for many years and am pretty good with it so not a noob by any means. I am wondering if it is just the way the address is being input and since I have no idea about South Korea here is how it looks in the address section for checkout I removed his name. Site: https://team-shepherdusa.com Baskinrobbins, #104, Jungangplaza, 116 Balanro, Hyangnameuop 186-000 Hwaseongsi, Gyeonggido South Korea +82-31-8059-2589 Prestashop Modules: PrestoChango USPS FedEx UPS
  2. I have it now after testing install with Xamp I realized that there is something wrong with the files. Even though I am sure I Re-downloaded the files I downloaded again unzipped loaded to Xamp and the install would go past this but on the database info page, test your database button was inactive clicking next would just show a blank page. Was using Xamp VC14 which had PHP 7, I reverted to Xamp VC9 which uses PHP 5 and install went through without errors. So I uploaded the new unzipped files to host and tried install again and all is OK. Just goes to show that even when your sure you can be wrong.
  3. Let me give you some info on 1.7 and see if that helps. Upload all files to something like /public_html/shop1.7.22 In Cpanel create database something like shop1722 Create user and password something like shop1722 or whatever Apply user to Database with all privileges (If your host requires) Then in browser navigate to http://yourdomain/shop1722/install Is the above what you have been doing, Who is your host.
  4. Please note that most if not all 1.6 modules are not compatible with 1.7 as well as many other things, You will no longer have many of the modules available in 1.6 free without purchasing new ones for example there is no USPS, UPS or FedEx modules, I suggest you do an install of 1.7 in a sub-directory and get a feel for what is there and what is no longer there then inform the client about your findings. As for the look there are many themes available for 1.6 that have a similar look.
  5. So I needed to do some testing and was trying to do a fresh install of Prestashop or and it keeps hanging on step 3 compatibility with this error. Oops! Please correct the item(s) below, and then click "Refresh information" to test the compatibility of your new system. Files Not all files were successfully uploaded on your server I have checked and double checked all files have uploaded tried with 2 different FTP clients still the same. I have checked file permissions they are correct 755 folders, 644 files. Anyone else face this and if so what was the fix if there is one. Have installed Prestashop so many times I have lost count and never faced this issue so a new one for me. Have started a ticket with A2 Hosting to see if they have any ideas but thought I would ask here just the same.
  6. DB is Data Base this is what you created in mysql in order to install Prestashop. Yes you can setup your own zones and al=pply the shipping to that zone and should work OK. Changing the ID to the new ID of the zone you created for the initial order should work.
  7. Not a problem was happy to lend a hand and now the module is working correctly, I tested myself and all is well Good Work LouLou
  8. This is probably due to the way zones are applied, Prestashop uses the ID of the zone not the name, so for instance Europe is ID 1 but if you delete it and re-add is will be ID 9 so what you would need to do is either install another clean version in a subdirectory then copy pa_zone and ps_zone_shop and use those to repair your DB. or re-assign the all countries/states in the zone you deleted to the new one you created. I have a test I could provide you with the zone DB entries then just use the sql feature of the DB to overwrite the tables and correct back to original. Also always make a backup of the DB and shop files before editing back or front office this will allow you to correct any mistakes you might make. I backup my complete shop files then if I edit any files I back those up overwriting the original so all files are up to date. If you want the DB tables let me know I will make a zip and upload them, if you need help with applying these to the DB I can istruct you on how to do it.
  9. This is the issue I was reporting and waiting for a fix LouLou please advice as to whether or not this will be addressed.
  10. OK for the first part the code change did work for the products category and the front office products page but in the configuration page the cards show the wrong amount I had not noticed this but if you look at the first image from above post you will see this, first image below shows how it is now, just a number and incorrect. While the config page is not a big deal would be nice if everything showed correctly. As for the amount I checked the card in the amount section it shows an amount but did another test order with same result voucher created has no value see images. The product page also has a price listed.
  11. Additionally I find that while everything seems to work on a test order, mails sent with code, The voucher created has no value I had to manually add an amount as it was set to none on the actions page, is this normal do I have to manually add the amount after a card is sold.
  12. Hi: Prestashop Giftcard 3.3.0 I had been using 3.2.7 and really had no issues everything seemed ok, I then downloaded your 3.3.0 version and installed on my test site (copy of orig) and have one odd thing that I wonder if you can fix. In the 3.2.7 version cards are created with a dollar amount shown in bottom right like this $20.00 in the 3.3.0 version it just says 20 is there something I can change to have it look the same and show a complete dollar amount. In the configuration page it shows as $20.00 but everywhere else it just shows 20. (see images) first 2 images are from 3.3.0 last image is from 3.2.7. (I have not tested further at this point)
  13. That is not true they develop modules for Prestashop already and have the developers to do so in fact the UPS and USPS modules are available through there site but are now $60 dollars each these were included with Prestashop at least since I started using it which was 1.4. Since the move by them to 1.7 they take the most needed modules for Ecommerce, SHIPPING and put $ amounts on them, and as I said they were always included. As for FedEx while not really a necessity for Shipping we use it in our shop so I would like to have it if I ever decide to redo the site with 1.7. As for paying for them not really a big deal since the base is free to begin with just seems slightly deceivious of them to move to a new program but not include the most needed items. Anyway the real question is how others using the new 1.7 are getting around these issues.
  14. How are people actually using as there is no shipping from UPS, USPS at least not free ones and that would be $120 just for those 2 and they have medium ratings at best. FedEx shipping is non-existent for 1.7 as the only module shows compatibility only to Glad at this point I have stuck with 1.6 as all 3 shippers work great well except I did upgrade the USPS module to Presto Changeo's module, I see they have one for 1.7 but that's another $125, Prestashop looks to be becoming expensive to operate. Just wondered how others are managing these situations.
  15. Select Florida after 1.4 setting up taxes based on delivery location is almost impossible, If you go to States and disable all but Florida taxes will be easier to select.
  16. Yes I do sync was giving a synopsis of why it is or can be confusing, once you figure it out it does get easier. Another issue I found was most documentaion I found said to run npm install npm or npm install npm -g this actually caused issues and just using npm install at package.json location works every time and works on Windows 10. Npm run watch was all the info I found when leaning this so it is naturally what I used and once had it working and changes were being made properly (scss changes were reflected in css) it is just what I used and never looked for more info. But good info I will try just npm run and npm run build with my next commit. Well my experience with commit and pull request you can not change the css but must change the scss and then push both files with you pull request otherwise it will be rejected, so I never change css directly for pulls. Still learning this and the command line Git was more confusing not that it is but could not find any good documentation. Prestashop's own page on contributing to Prestashop is written for Tortoise and is what is recommended along with the Git extension. http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Contributing+code+to+PrestaShop It also has a more natural feel as it is a gui rather then command line and lets face it most new users today never worked with Dos as I suspect you and I have. But thanks for the info maybe it is time to find some more documentation and further my understanding of Git and working with it.
  17. Ok guys relax have a beer this is an open discussion not an argument forum. I have many forge report that have gone unanswered for months or in some cases over a year. This one is no longer relevant but was never issued or commented on by devs. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-3299?filter=-2 This one I reported in Jan not assigned or commented on. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-3299?filter=-2 Not assigned or commented on since April http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-3299?filter=-2 This one I reported in Sept still nt response. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-8428?filter=-2 I do have may that were answered and resolved or closed do to a Github fix but for a new user making their first report imagine their frustration on not getting any response. So this is why Forge reports get a bad rap by some I still report because I want to do my part even though sometimes it feels futile. As for creating commits and pull request it can seem very complicated and is, although once you get it it is not to hard. Yes create account fork the Prestashop repo now you have a repo of your own. Install Git and TortoisesGit then Node with npm. OK got that now I need a clone of my repo um how what OK got it. All not that difficult but now you have to install npm in the package.json location and this is where I got stumped at first whats that and where is it. OK so now got that figured but now I have to run npm in that location to watch for changes but whats that oh OK npm run watch. But now is that really complicated part you can not change the css you have to change the scss and for mere mortals this is odd because the formatting is not the same as css. So figured all this out have your first commit dome figured out how to push it to Github only to be scolded for having one thing not following guidelines for a pull request. So these gods of php want you to amend the pull and re-submit um uh how what. The process of setting this up does need better documentation and step by step instructions and not just on creating your fist pull request. Remember Discussion !!!
  18. One thing I did find is that even though I was able to load the theme it worked halfway, it did not remember theme page settings this is a 2 column theme and I had to reset the pages. I to will need to add modules as some of the mods half to be done to the module (no files in theme structure) at this time it seems that adding themes to this version will not be as simple as it was with previous versions. Not sure what this will mean for new users many of which install through their host control panel and uploading theme, modules, zip whatever is going to be problematic at best. Bring back the Import, Export themes and make this easy for all.
  19. I was just reading your edited post do you have an IPN set at PayPal, if so this is not necessary as this is built in to the module and is probably the reason for the page not found errors.
  20. Can you post a snap of the paypal settings, black out the login info.
  21. If you have trouble I could have a look at the BO I have a PayPal sandbox account and can place orders using that (sandbox is a fake account used for testing)
  22. I put items in the cart went through the checkout and clicked the PayPal logo was taken to PayPal just as it should be, I did not continue as I did not want to spend actual money. I see you have the 3 step checkout enabled if you click on the little PayPal Icon on Product pages it will skip all steps and take you to PayPal, I do not use this for this reason. The Express checkout is the reason you were sent back and then had to click confirm turn this off and try again. I did not have any issues from my side, also turn cache off and force compile on while testing this usually clears man issues users have while testing. Not sure I understand this when I, from that page, click on shopping cart I get this error.. what page What version of Prestashop is this.
  23. In the Shipping/ Carriers from the main menu click on edit on the right side then you will see steps, go to step 2 and you will see the list of zones make sure the correct one is checked.
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