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SEO Link work for 80% of my website


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I made the upgrade from to Now my suppliers/manufacturer don't work when I click on them (any link from anywhere that link to them)

I already tried to remove one and put it back... now it goes to a sub category instead of a 404 pages... it's supposed to be a manufacturer.


If I remove url rewriting, everything goes well.

I already contacted the theme maker (I have changed my theme at the same time also) it told me that it was a SEO problem and not related to the theme.

That's when I removed the url rewriting and everything worked back to normal.

Well it's really not good for SEO.

Can anyone help me please?

You can see at http://www.optimumvape.ca

If you need backoffice access I can send you one by pm.

Really thank you if you can do something for me here.

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You have tested the upgrade on staging environment before doing changes on production environment. What is error message you are getting when SEO enable page visited 404 error ,page not found etc. Please share error details.

Could you try clearing cache from back-office performance tab.

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