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SEO & Prestashop URLs

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Dear Forum,


We are getting poor SEO results, and wondering if our SEO URLs are configured at their optimum in PS.

Our typical URLs are as follows:




Please can you advise if it is good SEO to have our product name URL prefixed with the product ID, in this case 697.

Prestashop is auto generating this SEO friendly URL, but not sure if this product ID being at the front is not helping us?


Thanks for any SEO help you can offer. Also does anyone know if the SEO add on is worth getting?




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Hello Alec, if my advice is worth, let the prestashop will automatically SEO as it is not advisable to show all these data, the end product is always your show ... for me, let the automatic URL prestashop provided by Incidentally, you must enhance the front of your site, loading too long to show your part of index.php, remember that the customer is interested in seeing one your articles and when confronted with this the customer is going away, you should make your load is so quick motrar all your "

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Your URL seems big. Small URL with product name without number will be best suitable URL for SEO.

If users search product name on search engines then you have product name in details page and URL,so it will be easy to find search engine bots.

I had purchased addon from my websites to remove ID from URL. It works good.

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