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Missing images after moving


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I have seen many different questions about this but I haven't been able to solve the issue I will give as much information as I can.


I have a live site(ps 1.4.8) that I want to move to my development server and to do this I have done the following.


Export the live database and downloaded all of the files

Creating a new database on the development server and imported the sql file

Uploaded all the files to the development server so the shop will be at www.devserver.com/newshop/

changed settings.inc to reflect the new location


define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/newshop/');

and changed the DB settings


checked defines.inc that it looks in the correct folder for product images


define('_PS_PROD_IMG_DIR_',         _PS_IMG_DIR_.'p/');


changed the following settings in the DB table ps_configuration



PS_BASE_URI /newshop/

CANONICAL_URL www.devserver.com/newshop

__PS_BASE_URI__ /newshop/

PS_SHOP_DOMAIN devserver.com


Go to the url and the shop works and I can access the BO, some images are showing but no product images 


I have deleted the .htaccess file and regenerated a new one in the BO.

Friendly url's are turned on in both shops

Legacy File system is used on both shops.





Cleared the cache.


As you can see the devserver is missing off the 494- from the url and does not work but an image that works is below





Again this is missing 107- from the url but the image is visible.


Any help would be of great help as I'm out of ideas.


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