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Creating file (fopen) does not work in module


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I am creating a simple module that needs to create a file, I am testing with the following code:


$myfile = fopen("newfile.txt", "w") or die("Unable to open file!");
$txt = "John Doe\n";
fwrite($myfile, $txt);
It just writes a line to a simple .txt file. Now if I put this in a php file in say: public_html/testing/testing.php, it works fine.
But when I run the snippet within the module I am creating I also get the response "DONE! SHOULD HAVE MADE THE FILE NOW" but no file is created and no error is thrown. I'm not sure how I should debug the problem.
Does anyone know of why its having trouble creating files and why it doesn't throw any errors? Debugging in TRUE.
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Hi Kerm,

Can you elaborate on that? When running this snippet outside of the module, it simply creates the txt file in the same location as the php file. I would expect this to happen within the module also since I do not specify the path, it should create it in the same location as the script creating the file.


Host has taken a look at file permissions and said it should work, I was not specific on what they should be checking however.


Wouldn't it throw an error if it had issue creating the file? Right now it says it did not run into any problems yet it did not do its job.

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