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Problem with module Customers files upload .


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Help me please with module customer files upload.


In the Backoffice in the order file manager, after select one order

in manage and display form with the bot client firstname and lastname that i

wont changhe with the name of company and after in the box of file that are

upload show the code of product before of the short dscription.


Can I do this ?





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Hello, I am implementing a module in prestashop version 1.6, where nese module I intend to attach files and send them by email. If I put this code in the form: array ( 'Type' => 'file', 'Label' => $ this-> l ('Attach documents'), 'Name' => 'FILE', 'Search' => false, 'Orderby' => false, 'Align' => 'center', It can send a file that you select, but you can not select multiple files, and I want to attach several files. Anyone know how I can do it? Thank you.

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