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Duplicate Titles & Metatag description


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I've got a little problem with prestashop

Google reminds me that I've got a lot of double titles and metatag descriptions in my category pages. The problem is the different pages of a category (page 1, page 2, page 3 etc...)


Is there a possibility to give the title and description an addtition (for example 'Cases - Page 1' and 'Cases - Page 2')


Couldn't find a solution on the forum...






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johnwolf, nicklaenen talk about category meta description.


Prestashop use the same meta description for every page in a single category, that's why GWT say double meta description.


For meta title, prestashop is fine, it add page number to the title but NOT to the description :(


I would like to add that function by the way ;)

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