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  1. Official module 1.4.4 doesn't work with PS 1.7 ? https://support.yotpo.com/en/article/prestashop-installing-yotpo
  2. Hello, please just read post 1 and the manual included in that post : Follow the installation instructions! This is not a module! Prestools-Suite-for-Prestashop-manual.pdf
  3. You are right ajensen27, delete all carts is just too much. We should at least keep one month old carts and not delete them.
  4. Hello, Yotpo still support Prestashop. Rich Snippets need a paid plan at Yotpo, it isn't available on the free plan. Do you have a paid plan ? In that case you must also activate the Rich Snippets option in your Yotpo dashboard.
  5. Hello, I think free plan include 300 orders mail after purchase request. For the price, it is calculated specially for you with parameters like company size, numbers of emails to send... You can request a free demo here https://www.yotpo.com/pricing/
  6. Hello, how do you see and change ownership with Filezilla ? I didn't find how to do it ?
  7. [FREE MODULE] Ask a question

    Thank you very much, it works like a charm
  8. [FREE MODULE] Ask a question

    Can you help me to achieve this Nemo please ?
  9. I suppose Yotpo website wasn't updated to latest prestashop version. Good news, I tested it on a brand new prestashop and Yotpo works like a charm
  10. Je plussoie pour une version compatible PS1.5
  11. he he, don't worry we are glad to help on this thread
  12. [FREE MODULE] Ask a question

    Hi NemoPS, I am so sorry, I didn't understood correctly and I feel really stupid now The code works perfectly from front office. In fact I was interested for the module admin back office modification, oldest question at the top and newest at the bottom... Can you help me to achieve that please ?