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Billink Solution for PrestaShop?

PrestaHeroes USA

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Hi everyone!


I have customer, doing an upgrade for them with theme configuration.


They have 1.5 and developed interface to Billink.  I think this is link to that service. http://www.billink.nl/


I did some searches but did not see 3rd party module for this but wanted to ask here for any guidance.  Otherwise we will just identify the 'part's and port  over to  (if possible we try to modulize it)...


Thanks in advance from Kansas City, Missouri USA.



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Hi Fred

if you can wait until tomorrow?
for me was Billink also unknown
i have also this afternoon requested for a customer , some information and where to download the modules for 1.5 and 1.6 etc
so i hope to have tomorrow some more info about this
i will let you know 
regards coen
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