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Original images (no watermark) indexed in google


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I have a big problem with images on google - for some reason, google index shows the original images of products from our prestashop website. How is getting this images and how I can prevent that?

We are a Flower Shop and our creations are unique.. so we really need that images protected... is our work.

I had the same problem 2 years ago - but that time, was becouse of the sitemap module. Now, the sitemap is sending google the right link for the images, but google index shows unmarked full size images too.

I know that I can stop google from getting all images from robots.txt or from cloudflare account, but our clients sometimes find us searching google images, so we need watermarked images to show.


This is my site: www.secretgarden.ro

This is my sitemap: http://www.secretgarden.ro/1_ro_0_sitemap.xml


Please help!

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same problem.

For example, Google shows following URL of the image: www.mydomain.com/2646/my-product.jpg

I have no "2646" folder in my root folder! How is it possible?

This image is the same one located in: /public_html/img/p/2/6/4/6/2646.jpg (original, no-watermark image)

Does anyone have a solution?


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