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  1. Hi, I have the same issue.. have you find any solution?
  2. Hi, I am using prestashop, live shop now, and I am not able to use faceted search module becouse is messing up products order in categories. My settings: Shop Parameters -> Products -> Pagination -> Sort by: Product Quantity If I enable the faceted search module, this sorting method will not work - products will be automaticly sorted by oldest products first. All other sorting methods will work fine. This is a huge problem for me, becouse I have like 5.000 products and 60% of them are not in stock. I really need to show in stock products first. At the same time, I need Faceted Search to help my clients sort products easy. Please help - this is a live shop and I can not find a fix for this! Thank you
  3. Hi, Huge problem after using this module on prestashop 1.7 - module section is not working at all. Please advise! I figured out that is becouse of this module becouse this behavior appears only after module instalation. First time i did not realized that is becouse of this module.. i updated prestashop and all good - but after reinstalling the module, modules section on prestashop stoped working again! You can not add a new module, you can not search in modules section, connect to addons is not working... etc Please help with this!
  4. Is there any fix for this?
  5. No workaround to use faceted search too? Have you find a better product filter? thx
  6. Salutare! Am nevoie de ajutor pentru implementarea de API de la Bookurier.. sau un modul care sa imi conecteze prestashop-ul cu Bookurier. Daca se baga cineva, astept o oferta de pret sau un PM pentru detalii. Multumesc, Cosmin
  7. Hi, I have the same problem. Have you find any solutions?
  8. Go to ftp, and in /modules delet the folder "autoupgrade". All will be back to normal
  9. Any progress with this? I am also trying to upgrade from to 1.7.1, but 1 click upgrade module is not showing 1.7 versions. Did you tryed the payed addon? Is any good?
  10. Fix: Copy the Translations folder from a back-up and replace it via ftp on live site. All will come back to normal, so you won't need to roll back. Looks that prestashop upgrade procces is messing up the language files...
  11. Fix: Copy the Translations folder from a back-up and replace it via ftp on live site. All will come back to normal, so you won't need to roll back. Looks that prestashop upgrade procces is messing up the language files...
  12. Upgrading Romanian language pack is not working.. Error: Property Tab->name is empty Manualy editing the translations seems to have an effect, but when I try to edit "Field name translation" for example, I get a 503 error - server is busy... LE: Client e-mails for orders are also messed up.....
  13. I suscribe to this. After upgrading from prestashop to, Romanian language is not working in backoffice, and I can't login in backoffice. I coud not even take my shop out from maintainance mode becouse it was impossible to acces BO. I solved the issue temporary, editting database for maintainance mode and language, but the Romanian language is still broken and unusable in backoffice.
  14. Hi, Any idea how to turn off blowfish is you can't acces backoffice? Site is down... Last night I made the mistake to turn on blowfish and since then the site is down. I tried all tricks an this forum but... I guess blowfish is not active on my hosting but the hosting company is not responding for the moment so... How to turn it off from ftp? Thank you!
  15. Already did that.. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/NM-712?filter=-2 no help there... no help here... This forum looks dead... Wtf I shoud do? Quit prestashop? This is an important issue for me, and there is no support from the prestashop team. This is just stupidity...
  16. Hi, I upgraded my shop on test domain from prestashop to , and the module (already installed at that time) has received an update. I think is still supported because is still receiving updates.. even if is not present in the 1.6 instalation pack... And.. I have seen on the forum that other users have regenerated images with watermark in 1.6 version. The module works if I manually add image to product.. I think the regeneration problem is just a bug... or it might be something wrong with my shop. I tryed to regenerate before the upgrade and after - same result. Tryed again today.. same error: Notice on line 272 in file /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/modules/watermark/watermark.php [8] Array to string conversion There is one error for every image..
  17. Hi, I have few days since I struggle with the watermark module. The data: - site upgraded to - all good untill image regeneration. Images are regenerating fast if watermark is disabled, but with watermak enabled images are not regenerated.. not even after 8 hours (I let the computer running), on local host. After 8 hours, I got an error: Notice on line 272 in file /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/modules/watermark/watermark.php [8] Array to string conversion I don't now what to do now.. The last time I regenerated the images was in January this year, and worked just fine with prestashop and standard theme. Now, with prestashop is not working anymore.. Is this a common issue? I already tried: - using an older version of the module from a backup - using an older version of the module from previous versions of prestashop, like 1.5.3 - using this version of the module - https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/260376-resizable-png-watermark-module-prestashop-15/ - disabled all modules - tried to get the watermark module from prestashop 1.6 -- big surprise is not included anymore! What's up with that? With older versions of the module, images are regenerated but watermark is not applied. My test domain: www.bestflorist.ro Please help..
  18. Hi, I am trying to move prestashop to new domain. I think that I have done everything right, but the theme and the backoffice are messed up - no images of any kind.. not even theme images. What is wrong? So far I checked: - edited database to change domain - edited settings file on ftp - checked permissions - deleted .htacces file Old domain: New domain: Backoffice is looking just like the frontoffice.. Please help... Solved the problem..
  19. Hi, I have a big problem with images on google - for some reason, google index shows the original images of products from our prestashop website. How is getting this images and how I can prevent that? We are a Flower Shop and our creations are unique.. so we really need that images protected... is our work. I had the same problem 2 years ago - but that time, was becouse of the sitemap module. Now, the sitemap is sending google the right link for the images, but google index shows unmarked full size images too. I know that I can stop google from getting all images from robots.txt or from cloudflare account, but our clients sometimes find us searching google images, so we need watermarked images to show. This is my site: www.secretgarden.ro This is my sitemap: http://www.secretgarden.ro/1_ro_0_sitemap.xml Please help!
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