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Sql injection and casting variable in sql statement help.


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I am facing error regarding sql injection and casting variable in sql statement.


How to cast variable to avoid sql injection.


Example 1


$some_varible = Tools::getValue('some_text');
if (!Db::getInstance()->Execute(' UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'table` SET column ="'.$some_varible.'"  '))


Example 2


$single = "'";
$double = '"';
$sql = 'UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'table` SET column1 = '.$single.$double.$column1.$double.$single.' ,
column2 = '.$single.$double.$column2.$double.$single.' WHERE id_table='.$row['id_table'].' ';



Any Idea?



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Nice question. Thanks for such good question to generate explicit problem with query. But Prestashop has very nice solution for this, use pSQL function to avoid any manual casting of string variable. For float you can use (float) and for Integer you can use (int). But, in your case pSQL is the best solution.
It is in /config/alias.php like this

    function pSQL($string, $htmlOK = false)
        // Avoid thousands of "Db::getInstance()"...
        static $db = false;
        if (!$db)
            $db = Db::getInstance();

        return $db->escape($string, $htmlOK);

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