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  1. I don't have advanced stock management, my all the products are available for all the carriers and I don't have multiple warehouse at all. Even delayed shipping and multi-shipping is also disabled. Does anyone have clue?
  2. Not true in my case, my all products are available for all carriers without any exception and still it happened today. It is PS
  3. You need to use these hooks instead; actionOrderGridQueryBuilderModifier actionOrderGridDefinitionModifier actionOrderGridDataModifier
  4. Since 2017, no reply on this thread, so really no one knows it?
  5. So this problem was raised in 2013 and it is 2020. It is not fixed yet by PrestaShop.
  6. 3 years! with Prestashop and ps_facetedsearch 3.5.0 issue is still persists for me.
  7. Being an Addon seller I happy with all the features PrestaShop provide but don't you think we should have analytics tab where the sellers can see total impression for their modules and clicks/views of his module. That will really help them to understand what people are searching for and if the people are seeing their modules or not. If they check it but don't but it then the seller can think to improve the features so next time person came to check it and he buy it.
  8. Can you make sure in your ps_shop_url table you have domain = localhost and physical_uri = /prestashop/ ? If yes, then you need to go to the SEO & URL menu and just save the settings as it is. It will recreate your .htaccess file. Please check above info and share if your problem persist or it is solved.
  9. No no, you don't need to trash it. That error means one of your module had that controller but somehow it is missing now but its entry is still in the database. The actual solution of it should be to get that file back but if you just want to make it working without that controller then go to the database and find ps_tab table and search for AdminPsMboTheme in the 'class_name' column and delete it from there, and respected entries from ps_tab_lang. But before doing this don't forget to take backup of those tables for your safe side. This should allow you to load rest of pages then.
  10. You need to put $gallery_id = $params['this_is_var']; in your hook function. e.g. public function hookDsplayShoppable(){}
  11. Well I provide my recaptcha module just for 15$ including installation support. https://youtu.be/vDhfwejDXqE Here is the screen capture of the module. And yes, it is for both 1.6 and 1.7
  12. You can pass the extra parameters in the hook and then collect that data in the hook function's $params variable. e.g. If your hook is like {hook h='hookDsplayShoppable' this_is_var=10} then you can collect 'this_is_var' like this $gallery_id = $params['this_is_var'];
  13. By migration if you are saying from one server to another and nothing else then try to login in the admin, i you can then just clear cache. If you can't access even back office then go to the /var/cache/ folder via your hosting file manager and delete prod and/or dev folder if they (or any one is) are exists.
  14. Make sure you have stock for that particular size.
  15. That is not issue. You can see that cursor sign when you select the variation which is not in stock. what you need to do is make sure all the variation of your product have the stock. Or you can set allow ordering true when product is out of stock from Order Settings.
  16. Make sure you find the configuration table in proper database. Without configuration table, your shop can not be run so it must be there.
  17. If you can access your database then go to the _configuration table and find key PS_COOKIE_CHECKIP and set it to zero instead of 1 and if you are logged in from another browser or computer the log out from everywhere. It should do the work. This technique always solve my problem.
  18. Hello, friends. I have prepared a complete series of PrestaShop module development. It is in both English and Hindi language. It is available on YouTube. The series is a complete package from creating the very first directory of the module to the admin controllers and database management. In 30 video tutorials I have covered almost all the stuff which a developer need to create a complex module. Here are the link of both English and Hindi playlist. Payment and Shipping module tutorial series are yet to come so don't forget to subscribe the channel. Regards
  19. This is the CSS floating issue for sure. For both, slider container and map container HTML tag set, i mean parent div/section of map and slider. display:block; width:100%; /* or width:auto; if it is suitable for you */ clear:both; /* this is important */
  20. What you did is what you should do, you did it correct. Now what can be issue is cache, i don't know how my answer is correct but default PrestaShop have "Never recompile template files" option under So once go to Advanced Parameters => Performance and clear cache plus set "Recompile templates if the files have been updated" option for Template compilation Please try this and tell us is that worked?
  21. Here i write the basic procedure to achieve result. If you can do then you will have solution for sure. Make a copy of blocktopmenu and search-replace blocktopmenu with blocktopmenux, also change file names too where it is blocktopmenu. When you finish this task, technically you will have two menu modules: blocktopmenu and blocktopmenux Now, in blocktopmenux, execute hookDisplayTop only and only if user is logged in and in blocktopmenu execute hookDisplayTop only and only if user is not logged in So here you will have two module one for visitor only and one for logged in user. If you follow these steps carefully, then you will have what you wanted. Yes, at lest i can do that. Think about you.
  22. Does any existing category links works? Do this once, i am not sure but it may be solved your problem. Go to Preferences => SEO & URLs and once disable friendly URL and enable it again. It will regenerate your .htaccess file. One more thing if you have any module installed about URL, like to removed ID from URL then disable it for a while and check. Please share your result here if it is works or not.
  23. I don't think there is such menu module which provide that facility and yes you can do it by modifying .tpl and .php files of blocktopmenu module only if you are PrestaShop expert. If you are not, then please don't try to change it. Any programmer can code such module for you with enough budget. May be someone know such module then wait for response from them.
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