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How reorganize footer blocks


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I reseted the cms module, because i was getting white text (can´t see what i type) on text boxes, such as product description etc..  (this issue remains...).


What i want to know is, how do i reorganize the footer blocks, because since i reseted the cms module, now it displays at the right side of the footer, where it used to be the store contacts, as seen on image..


PS: Any help on the text being white will be much apreciated!post-692685-0-45096800-1432949453_thumb.jpg

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Hi lip,


This can be done in back office. Go to Modules-> Positions.


THen scroll down until you see a block with header DisplayFooter

Here you see all modules that are 'hooked' into the footer

You can change the position by clicking the up or down arrows next to the modules to bring them up/forward/left or down/backward/right respectively. (Or you can drag them to their new position)


To see the effect of your changes, reload the shop front page and see if the order is what you like. May need a little playing to get it right (Look carefully at their name to see what block each line represents)






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Thanks for the reply Pascal!

Have you got any quick fix on the issue I'm having concerning the bug on the text boxes? I have to keep changing the text color so i can see what I'm writing, but it doesn't even work all the time!

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