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Update all categories with new customer groups


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Hi all,
is it possible to include or adapt php code to show in back office.
I mean, I create controller and make Update button to menu of back office and want to include this code to show there

$new_group = $_POST["new_group"];
$categories = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS('
FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'category` c
LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'category_lang` cl ON (c.`id_category` = cl.`id_category` AND cl.`id_lang` = '.(int)Context::getContext()->language->id.')

foreach($categories as $category){
$categoryObj = new Category($category['id_category'], (int)Context::getContext()->language->id);
echo 'Updated';
<form method="post" action="'.$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"].'">
Enter New Group id: <input type="text" name="new_group">
<input type="submit" name="update" > 

thnx in advance

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Thnx Eric,


I tried but don't know how get this to work.  :unsure:

I tried in this way that create menu button in BO, make controller to call tpl file, but as I saw there is no possibility to include php functions in tpl file.


Do you have some working example or something else to help me?


thnx in advance


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Hi Dani,


Did you have a look at the developers guide already? There is some example on how to make a module, and in there, they describe how to add some configuration page, where you add some input fields to modify, and a submit button. There you can see how they act on a submit as well.


On creating a module:



and a direct link for how to add the configuration page:



Hope this helps,


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