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blocktopmenu - direct links only - drop down


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I'd like to ask you about creating my own drop down menu with links - without hard-coding it into module files.


My store has got only 4-5 products and there's no point in creating subcategory for each of them.

The problem is that I can't create menu like:

Products (drop down menu):

Product 1 - Direct link to the product (not (sub)category)


Product X - Direct link to the product (not (sub)category)


I know that I can hook the links separately without drop-down menu, but it's waste of space.


Thank you in advance.





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Well, somewhat quick and dirty, you could do this:



Edit file modules/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.php   (Make backup!!)



Go to function:

   private function makeMenu()
Add the red code:   (Sample code from PS
private function makeMenu()
  $menu_items = $this->getMenuItems();
  $id_lang = (int)$this->context->language->id;
  $id_shop = (int)Shop::getContextShopID();
  $post_prd_string = '</ul></a></li>'; // string to close product submenu after last product.
  $last_item_was_prd = false;   // Check if need to create submenu or main menu
  foreach ($menu_items as $item)
    if (!$item)
    preg_match($this->pattern, $item, $value);
    $id = (int)substr($item, strlen($value[1]), strlen($item));
    if ($last_item_was_prd && substr($item, 0, strlen($value[1])) !='PRD') {  // last product?
      $this->_menu .= $post_prd_string;    // close submenu
      $last_item_was_prd = false;
    switch (substr($item, 0, strlen($value[1])))
      case 'CAT':
          $this->_menu .= $this->generateCategoriesMenu(Category::getNestedCategories($id, $id_lang, true, $this->user_groups));
      case 'PRD':
          if (!$last_item_was_prd)          // first product? Add main menu item
            $this->_menu .= '<li><a href ="#" class="">'.$this->l('Products').
                '<ul class="prd_submenu">'.PHP_EOL;
          $last_item_was_prd = true;
          $selected = ($this->page_name == 'product' && (Tools::getValue('id_product') == $id)) ? ' class="sfHover"' : '';
          $product = new Product((int)$id, true, (int)$id_lang);
          if (!is_null($product->id))
            $this->_menu .= '<li'.$selected.'><a href="'.Tools::HtmlEntitiesUTF8($product->getLink()).'" title="'.$product->name.'">'.$product->name.'</a></li>'.PHP_EOL;
      case 'CMS':
If you add some products to the top hor. menu, like this:
The top menu will look like this:
products are grouped in submenu products:
and the second group as well, in a new submenu:
Hope this helps. If you need some small changes, let me know.
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Dear Pascal!


Thank you a lot for your reply. I really appreciate your help. It redirects directly to the product page.


Is there a chance that future releases of this module will contain this option as built-in?

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The module is a standard Prestashop module. I'm a moderator at the forum (think 'volunteer'), not directly connected to the Prestashop team. You can request features on their site :-)




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