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I am currently examining prestashop as an alternative to our current (self build) ecommerce system. Nearly everything is present, some things even way better then I code myself. Only I am missing a module which offers some advanced quotation possibilities. 


We currently have a system that allows to:

- Add products to a quote

- Set custom prices or automatic discounts based on group discounts / quantity discounts

- Order products by dragging and dropping

- Making groups of products to clarify cost buildup. 

- Creating a HTML email to be send along with a PDF version of this quote, preferably also product information sheets in PDF.

- Giving customers the option to confirm the quote and transform to order. 


We have this so we can offer projects with our existing products, and add lines with labor hours etc. 


Is there something that can provide me with these features or would I have to build it myself? 


Closest I found myself now is this one: 



But that doesn't even offer the option to order lines in the quotation. 


Thanks in advance!



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I use that module, and it is the best I have found. The other modules tend to work on carts. So if you delete teh abandoned cart, the quote disapears. This module does not use that system


it does have faults, but the developers are pretty good if a little slow at sorting out


Current problems

1) Although the quote can be converted to an order it creates a "blank" address for the customer. Not a big issue, just have to do a little maintenance now and then to delete them. they are working on this

2) Once the order is created, the product(s) are effectively phantom. Stock control is maintained, but when you click on the product in the order it is empty. This probably does not matter at all for most people (for us it causes an issue with a third party invoice)


I would recommend it, but have a play with the demo first. It will not be a perfect match for you , but doubt you will find anything better. Talk to the developers about the re-ordering thing. Perhaps they could develop it for you

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I tried that module and found it lacking. The store owner cannot convert the quote to an order in the back office, and it works on abandonned carts. So if the abandonned cart gets deleted the quote no longer exists


Prestashop is not the fastest kid on the block, I will check your link

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Thanks for your replies. I like the effort put into the module, however I find too many things I miss, or could easily be made better. 


Email doesn't automatically send PDF quote (you have to download and add as a attachment).


Customer emailadress has to be added seperately (you have to lookup and type it in).


Cant find a way (at least not an easy one)  to order the products.


Going to consider the possibilities of developing what we want ourselves. 



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I did find the download PDF button, and then when sending a message you have to reupload that PDF? seems cumbersome. At least that is what i could do with the demo. Anyway are you able to ajust the order of the products in the quote to your liking?  

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