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  1. Hi, PS community. I'm facing some performance issues due to the ammount of features that the product page loads on the backoffice. The issue is with all the data called for the features tab. I've done some research, and the function that makes all the SQL queries is initFormFeatures() from the AdminProductsControllerCore class. In previous versions of PS this function was called from features.tpl, but I can't see that call anymore in PS 1.6. Can anyone please guide me on where's this function called from and, if it's possible to call it with an event listener (click)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Product Comments not working

    This issue is indeed affecting only newer versions of Prestashop. Will give a try and let you know.
  3. Hi, PrestaModule Staff. I'm migrating my site to a new server, but I'm facing a small issue with AS4. If a go to a category and click on any filter, everything works perfectly. i.e, filtering by the manufacturer "X", the url is: http://mysite/2-category-name/s-1/manufacturer-x But, if I press F5, the left column dissapears. It's like if a smarty template was failing to load, but can't figure out which one and why. If you have any clue, please let me know.
  4. You have quite some images, Justine. Try setting them as background images for your elements using CSS, and then combining them into a sprite. This will reduce the total number of requests done to your website and, hopefully, the total images' size.
  5. Why don't you sell it on CodeCanyon, Absent? It's way better and a different showcase than PS Addons' website.
  6. I think Absent is no longer developing nor selling this module.
  7. I just found these PHP functions for auto-cropping images' background: http://php.net/manual/en/function.imagecropauto.php These could help us save some KB in total pageload size and improve our prestashop stores.
  8. Varnish 4 VCL for Prestashop 1.6

    Hi, flo62134. Indeed there are multiple explanations for a miss with varnish cache as you said. Varnish cache works with objects and it's based on urls, so that if you call the same object from multiple urls you will have duplicated objects in your cache. In my case, I had to normalize all my urls prior to achieving a high hitrate in varnish. A common example is to redirect all www.yoursite.com traffic to yoursite.com or the other way around. If your varnish sits behind your web server, you'll have to make the redirections on varnish, otherwise it may always have a miss on the first request. In conclusion: Check the first request in terms of objects and urls. If you find what's different between the requested and the cached object you'll find what the problem is.
  9. So far, the best module for layered search for prestashop is Advanced Search 4: https://www.presta-module.com/en/3-prestashop-addons/6-merchandising/7-advanced-search-4.html
  10. Best PrestaShop hosting company.

    If you want cheap hosting for prestashop, give it a try to One & One.
  11. I was reading that PHP 5.5 already has a webp image generator, and the code to do it is as follows: $imgName = "codingslover.jpg"; $webPName = "codingslover.webp"; Syntax: cwebp [quality qualitypercentage] [source image] -o [destination] exec("cwebp -q 0 ".$imgName." -o ".$webPName." "); Anthor Method: exec("convert -colorspace RGB ".$imgName." ".$webPName . " "); Could this be used to auto generate webp thumbnails using the function protected function _regenerateNewImages from AdminImagesController.php aside from the .png or .jpg default ones? Unfortunately it seems that webp support in prestashop is stagnated :/
  12. Facturacion electronica México

    ¿Ya has visto el tema de crear un módulo para facturación, Cotoko?
  13. angry

    Did you get any help from prestashop, albarelys? I opened a support ticket since the developer is unsupportive, and they have not replied in almost a week: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/549348-prestashop-addons-support-policy-is-a-lie/
  14. Disable Prestashop Help

    It just appeared. Previously this column was only available at the backoffice's home tab displaying prestashop news. NVM, just noticed an "X mark" button to close the help .
  15. Hi, Prestashop Community. There's a new annoying prestashop help column at the far right side of every page that suddenly appeared on my prestashop's backoffice. Does anybody know if there's a way to disable it? Thanks in advance.