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[SOLVED] this->error on Category page

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I've a problem with the error function.

if i use $this->error[]= Tools::displayerror(.....) on product page i see the fancybox popup (CORRECT).

But, if i use $this->error[]= Tools::displayerror(.....) on category page i see a message from browser with the error(WRONG.

I use $this->error[] on processChangeProductIncart().

How i can see the fancybox error on the Category page?


Best regards.



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Quickly comparing the files, there is a line that explicitly adds the fancybox jquery plugin to the product controller:


(File controllers/adminAdminProductsController.php):

    $this->addJqueryPlugin(array('autocomplete', 'fancybox', 'typewatch'));
Maybe try to add something similar to the Categories controller and see if that is sufficient:
(File controllers/admin/AdmnCategoriesController.php)
My 2 cents,
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