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[Solved] Forum - View Subscription >> Error



Many thanks to the Prestashop team for taking the yellow sticky thing off the right so we no longer need to keep scrolling

But now I can't view my subscriptions in my account
When I try to view a thread that I have subscribed to, I get the error:

The following errors were encountered
You are not authorized to perform this action

I know it's not true because I was just reading that thread a second ago

This started happen about 2 or so days ago.

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The problem is because the link to the thread in the View Subscriptions page (in My Account) is:

9999 being the thread number

The link needs to be changed to remove index.php/ so it reads
9999 being the thread number

Are we able to get a fix for this please because I use the Subscribe feature alot to save threads with answers/sultions to problems


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