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Update Product Features via PHP


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how can i update the value from the custom featurs (Product Features) in php?


With product-fields its simple:

$productObj = new Product($produktId);
$productObj->ean13 = "johndoo";

BUT how can i update the product features?

Does anyone have an idea?



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If you want to do this in Object Oriented way as you mentioned, the best solution (in my opition) would be creating a new class called for example FeatureProduct.php.


It has to extend ObjectModel class, have variables with names from ps_feature_product table and have defined array $definition.


Check how does it look in

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I solved this Problem with:


$id_feature_value = (int)FeatureValue::addFeatureValueImport
  1 // $custom
    $produktId, (int)$feature['id_feature'], $id_feature_value
# Clean both tables with cleanPositions();

Do you have an idea what $custom stands for? Which value does it contain?


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