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  1. Honestly I don't see why should it affect SEO. It's just additional HTML on chosen pages (with popup content), it doesn't remove or hide any DOM data from source code. To me, if you have properly set meta tags, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, friendly URLs and headers/titles on your shop it would be just fine.
  2. Do you have dev mode enabled, any error or warning appeared? For now it's hard to tell why it's happening.
  3. @Diaulass @Casa da Vinci and other people - I'm happy to announce the release of 2.0.0 version! Please check the first post for the new link. There is also video presentation added. Enjoy
  4. 1.Could you post a screenshot from your configuration page? 2.Did you change something in the databse directly? 3.Which PS version do you have?
  5. There is new version being prepared with new icons, features and much better BO look. I just need to find some time to make it completely done.
  6. Have you tried disabling all cookies in backoffice?
  7. I don't understand. What's the problem? Do you have any screenshot or what do you mean?
  8. It's on the first post. Anyway should work now thanks for posting
  9. You should be able by typing pccookieconsent Sorry but I think no, popup style comes from 3rd party plugin (cookieconsent insites) so it depends on its style.
  10. @Hyrion Hyrius @DeProximidad I've installed both modules on 1.7.6 PrestaShop version. ageverification 2.0.1 and custompopup 2.4.0 No conflict, both popups appeared. If suddenly it stopped working maybe thats a conflict with some 3rd party module. Do you have _PS_MODE_DEV_ = true? Any error messages? @sickshot It won't hide data from 3rd party modules. So products will be displayed on carousels.
  11. New version is out (2.4.0), this error should not appear anymore. Check first post in this topic to download new module version. Cheers.
  12. It's cookie time, not session time. So if user has enabled cookies and enters website again in the same browser he won't see popup again till the end of this time. The time is counting from the first popup close and it's not resetting.
  13. Hi, I have strange issue with PS 1.7. I've set discount using voucher (without code, so it can apply automatically). The problem is, discount for free delivery is set only when I change carrier to another then go back to the first one. Seems like it uses "change" event in JavaScipt, but it's misleading for users. Do you have an idea how can I make this voucher apply immediately? I've tried triggering click or change event on those radio inputs but without success. I'm using classic theme. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, Sorry it's not possible. You can use just one popup.
  15. That could be a conflit with your theme. Can't check it but now I see you are using another module.
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