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RE: Making MyAccount Block into a Jquery Sidebar


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Hi Motion,


To do it without too much hassle, maybe you can move the container of my-account in all to the sidebar.


In the side bar, make some empty <div ID="my_account_sidebar"></div>




add some javascript like this:



    $( document ).ready(function() {
        if ($('#index').length) {
            var newParent = document.getElementById('my_account_sidebar');
// Get the element that contains the my-account. 
// Choose:
//  If you know the ID of the container:
//            var myAccountBlock = document.getElementById('XXX');
//  or, if the container has no name, but one of the elements inside the container does:
//            var myAccountBlock = document.getElementById('XXX').parentElement;
            //move the whole container to be a child of the #my_account_sidebar element


So change the XXX with the ID of the container where the my-account info is being placed inside, or if this container <div> has no name, use one of the children that has a name and go through that element to its parent


If you encounter problems:

- Create the sidebar

-  add the empty <div id="my_account_sidebar"></div> inside it.

- Give me a link to your site, and I will try to find out which element should be XXX.

(Please indicate clearly which block exactly you want to move, maybe a small screenshot or so)




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