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Prestashop 1.6 - Displayed Text when in-stock issue


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Hello ,


I am using ps and i have imported my products through a csv.

The problem is that when a product is available it displays the number "1" instead of "available" because this value is given to the field "Display text when in-stock" .

I have over 2k products and it will take me ages to change it manually.


Does anyone know how can i modify this field in MySQL ?


Thanks in advance

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Hi blossomitsa,


1) Go to cPanel->phpMyAdmin


2) Go to your prestashop database,


3) Make a backup of the full database, just in case... (Hacking in the database may render the database unusable, so always, ALWAYS make backup!)

  N.B. Make periodically backups, don't rely on your host. Murphy is always just around the corner....




4) go to your table: ps_product_lang   (if you used a different prefix than 'ps_', change accordingly)


5) Double-check if this indeed is the table where you need to update the 'available_now' fields


6) Did you make the backup?? If not, go back to 3 :)    )


7) if you're sure, go to the SQL-tab


8) add this statement:

 UPDATE `ps_product_lang` SET `available_now`= 'Available' WHERE `available_now` = '1'


  N.B. 1: Change ps_ if you used a different prefix for your tables.

  N.B. 2: change 'Available' if you want a different text as the end result


  What it does: it changes the available_now field to your new text, but ONLY for the rows that currently have a '1' in this field



9) When everything is ok, press GO


10) You should get some message that everything went OK and XX rows affected.


11) Check if the expected result came true.


12) if so, cheer! You just saved yourself a few evenings of hard work.


13) Let us know here.




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