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FrontController vs FrontControllerCore


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I am using PS  In going through the code, I see the definition of FrontControllerCore (extends Controller in FrontController.php), and I also see where IndexControllerCore extends FrontController (IndexController.php).


However, I am not able to find the relationship between FrontController class and FrontControllerCore class.  I am sure that I am missing something pretty easy, but I still can't find it.


Can someone let me know where these relationship (assuming there is one) exists in the code?


Again, I am using out-of-the-box  Thanks.

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The <classname> is functionally exactly the same as the <classname>Core class, used to give a separation layer between the definition and use in the app.


It is handled in classes/PrestashopAutoLoad.php I believe. Have a look at function load($classname) in this file.


Hope this helps,


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