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Cart rules + Multiple Seller


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Not sure if I understand your question, but cartrules that are applicable to a specific cart can be requested using:


public function getCartRules($filter = CartRule::FILTER_ACTION_ALL)
defined in classes/Cart.php
If you just want a Cart Rule using its ID, you can use:
public static function getCartsRuleByCode($name, $id_lang, $extended = false)
defined in classes/CartRule.php


Again, not sure if this answers your question. If not, please elaborate a little more...


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@PascalVG it is not exactly what I mean. I have multiple seller module, so there is many shops/sellers . Every seller can make his own cart rule. And problem is that the seller at admin panel right now, can see all cart rules. And i want to seller can see olny cart rule that is made by this seller. So i should change filter  or db request. But i cant find it in code. How to do it?

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Hi piotr,


Sorry for late reply. Was bedridden last two days, food poisoning or so.


Don't know the multiple seller module in detail, but I know that cart rules are normally not coupled to employees. I assume that the multiple seller module create some sort of employees for back office, with (probably) limited access to the diverse menu's. As cart rul is not coupled to employees, it only would be possible by either adding this yourself, or there might be an option or so in the seller module that I don't know of.


I advise to first check with the module maker if this is some how possible. If not, this will probably be some custom modification, as it might take some time to make it work. Needs database changes, classes need to be extended etc.



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