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OrdersPDF with templates


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We have just developed a module which allows to generate PDF files of our orders.

Allows you to filter by date and status. It also allows multiple templates, as well as editing.

He is currently in beta, we expect your suggestions.

Thank you very much.

2010-February-10 : 1.2

Fixed the bug of creating and editing templates
Compatible with version (SVN)




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Great, this is one of the things prestashop was missing.

I just can't seem to make the templates apear when online. Works great on local though. I gave 777 perms to templates directory, then to the templates themselves, then to the whole module directory and files, but still no template to choose from.

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wallacept hello.

It's just a beta, we're working on it and expanding it.

The number order and customer number are the "id" field of order and customer.

Moreover, the module is not prepared to handle products, but we planning to do another version which can handle products.

Thank you very much.

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