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  1. I have selling online for 5 years now, I own 3 shops and have developed more than 300. ALL the shops that lasts more than one year, always need some changes. In Spain, at least, COD payment need a fees, and many users need PayPal fee. Attributes are a hell for manufacturing companies.... so.... in the top shops listed in the showcase, there some shops I've developed... and all are modified. An by the way, Attributes are compatible between 1.2.5 and 1.3, so the templates doesnt work....
  2. Rocky, is inevitable to change some code in Prestashop, there a lot of things that can't be done in a module. Do you really know any working shop with PS without changing nothing??
  3. As I can see PS125 have been discontinued, and there is no support for customers using this version. As you may know, upgrading a PrestaShop with a Customized Template is almost impossible...... What can we do???
  4. Hello, our solution is very simple, we made just to work, and work fast. You don't need to use the mouse when selling, just INTRO key. Here is a beta version: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3024263/CartiumPOS.zip Our demo works agains our demo server http://www.demartinacode.com/demo To test is, just: 1. Choose View POS 2. In reference, write: IPOD or a reference, or EAN. + INTRO 3. INTRO again 4. INTRO again 5. INTRO again....... and again... and again.... The software sends a PDF to the printer (linux & mac for the moment). It stores the sells in separate tables, but reduce stock in PrestaShop. This version will be Open Source, and we'll release a pro version in a few months.
  5. Hola a todos, aquí podéis descargar el software POS: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3024263/CartiumPOS.zip Antes de nada.. está en ingles, para cambiarlo a español, teneis que abrir el archivo app.properties y cambiar locale=es y country=ES Para hacer la prueba, está funcionando contra nuestro prestashop de demo, www.demartinacode.com/demo Cuando os pide el POS el código de artículo, podeis escribir IPOD e intro. Está todo pensado para usarlo sin ratón, todo con el intro. El ticket, no sale por la impresora en Windows, solo en Mac y Linux, en breve corrijo el bug...
  6. Hi, we've developed a POS that works with PrestaShop. We've make it as Client App, but works directly to PrestaShop database. We made for the Spanish market, and don't know if it may be usable in other countries. Any one want to test it?
  7. Hemos desarrollado un software para vender en tienda física ¿alguien quiere probarlo?
  8. You need a "master" prestashop, maybe not published. And other shops has a modified view of products, for example filtering by manufacturer.. create view ps1_products as select * from ps_products where manufacturer_id in (1,2,34,......)
  9. Hi, needs php 5.3, tomorrow will change some functions to make it function with previous PHP version.
  10. Please contact to [email protected] to get the last version of the module. We have updated it today.
  11. YumYum, the cookie key must be the same, and must be like PS1. It should work, we tested for one of our customers. Tomorrow in my office, I will test it again.... and give you feedback. Maybe we made some changes to login script, I don't remember, because we are making a marketplace, and we made some changes to integrate users with a custom Landing Page.
  12. It works even with different databases in the same database server, just put create view ps_table as select * from otherdatabasename.ps_table
  13. share users is very, very easy, you only need MySQL 5 or later and 5 minutes. Install PrestaShop 1 with prefix ps1_ Install PrestaShop 2 with prefix ps2_ Delete from ps2_ all tables you want to share Create Mysql views for each table you have deleted, the view syntax is something like this: create view ps2_table1 as select * from ps1_table1 Is very easy!!!
  14. It may seems a stupid question, but I have talked with many people and every one think MultiShop is a different think. We are developing some MultiShop system for different customers and we don't know the exact definition of MultiShop. Our first MultiShop system, shares customers between shops. This is very easy,no need to change PrestaShop code, just with a DataBase trick. We can share any table between 2 shops. What else do you need?
  15. Our idea, is making a framework, with a generic CSV import/export system. This framework would be easily extended to configure with many ERP that support CSV import/export. Multiple shops will be supported, thats the reason we are making this BRIDGE, to connect 3 shops with one old ERP. Does your current ERP support CSV import/export?
  16. Hello, we are developing an ERP Bridge for PrestaShop, and we wan't to know what do you thing about that. We will import * Customers * New productos * Update products price&stock;and other fields (customizable) * Import Categories? don't know if it is useful.... We well export * Orders * Customers We will release it in 20 days. Suggestions are welcome...
  17. Hi Nuttis, I have a new version available today, please mail to [email protected]
  18. Yes, product images, categories images, all. We are preparing a new version that fixes some issues with somes servers, will be released in 3 days.
  19. Vale, lo de las alertas funciona. Lo del correo del administrador, lo voy a probar.
  20. Ya!!! cuando un producto está agotado... lo he probado y funciona perfectamente....
  21. Pues en mi tienda no falla ¿?, pero ... ¿que tengo que hacer para subscribirme a una alerta?
  22. Hola, soy uno de los desarrolladores de Cartium, me lo del error del mail, ¿me podeis contar el error exacto del mail para solucionarlo?
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