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SOLVED: Get selected delivery address 1.5.6


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Hi I've got the following code in my module, I would like to know if anybody has any sample code on how to determine the currently selected delivery address? Thanks in advance.


public function getOrderShippingCostExternal($params)


if ($this->id_carrier == (int)(Configuration::get('MYCARRIER1_CARRIER_ID')) && Configuration::get('MYCARRIER1_OVERCOST') > 1)


      if ($this->context->customer->isLogged()) 


      $customer = new CustomerCore($this->context->customer->id);

      $customer_address = $customer->getAddresses(1);

      $cart = new CartCore($this->context->cart->id);

     $product_list = $cart->getProducts();

      $cartweight = $cart->getTotalWeight($product_list);

$url = "http://my.api.com/api/delivery/pricing.php?postalcode=".urlencode($customer_address[0]['postcode'])."&weight=".$cartweight."&update=".date("U"); 

     $result = file_get_contents($url);

     return ((float)$result); 


     else return(false);


//return (float)(Configuration::get('MYCARRIER1_OVERCOST'));

if ($this->id_carrier == (int)(Configuration::get('MYCARRIER2_CARRIER_ID')) && Configuration::get('MYCARRIER2_OVERCOST') > 1)

return (float)(Configuration::get('MYCARRIER2_OVERCOST'));


// If the carrier is not known, you can return false, the carrier won't appear in the order process

return false;


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You can get it from the $cart object:




or, to get the full address:


    new Address((int)$cart->id_address_delivery)



Hope this helps,




N.B. I saw this piece of code in your function:


$cart = new CartCore($this->context->cart->id);


Don't use CartCore, just use $cart = new Cart($this->context->cart->id);



(Everywhere you see the class xxxCore, just use xxx. This will enable you to override the class easier later on if needed)



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