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AdminController - Mass edit products' prices

Simone Salerno

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I've written an admin controller to let you edit you products / product attributes price and wholesale price in a single place, without opening each product detail screen.


How to use:


 - copy AdminMassEditProductPriceController.php in root/override/controllers/admin folder

 - copy form.tpl in root/override/controllers/admin/templates/masseditproductprice folder (you have to create the latter folder)

 - delete root/cache/class_index.php

 - in the admin panel, go to Administration > Menu and create a new menu item

 - enter AdminMassEditProductPrice in the controller field and save


You're done. Open the menu link and use the feature.

I can make a module instead of a controller if you ask for it.

Hope you like it.




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Hello there ! 


I already used your previous module 'MassEditProductPrice' with previous prestashop version, and I was looking for a newer version that might work with the latest prestashop (1.6).


I just tested this override and it works perfectly so far !

Prices are all listed on one page, and saving is done in Ajax so you don't have to reload the whole page to change the price of a product.


Nice job here Simone ! Thanks for your work ! 



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