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Hello! I'm hoping someone can help with positioning some modules, which may be either a hook problem, a CSS problem, or both.


My setup:

PS 1.5.3, two-column layout theme, responsive design. On the product page, when screen size is smaller than 959px, the displayLeftColumnProduct hook hides. The modules in this hook are Favorite Products, Blockwishlist and Send To A Friend, and don't show if you're not logged in.


What I would like to do:

When the screen size changes to smaller than 959px, I would like those modules to appear under the Add To Cart button (on right-hand side, displayRightColumnProduct) instead. Or at least just Favorite Products.


I currently have a span class under the Add To Cart button that shows some big AddThis sharing buttons only when the screen is under 959px, perhaps I could take advantage of that in some way?  Here's screenshots of a product page at different screen sizes (full, 959px and 519px) so you can see what it looks like logged in.




Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer a little advice!


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