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How to force redirection from a language to another


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I am building a shop in both French (default) and English.

The english version is not completely ready so I would like to implement a redirection from the English version to the French version. (even better if possible that any language browser ends up on the French version.)


How can I do that?


I have found this somewhere but it didn't really work out:


RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^fr/(.*)$ /da/$1 [L,NC,NE,R=301]
Any other idea?
Many thanks for your time on this.
Best regards.
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Hi fred-vinapresta,


Thanks a lot for the fast reply. I tried this but unfortunately I have a lot of hard coded links with the language code in them so if I disable the additional language in the back office a lot of my links will fall apart for the default version.


Any other idea?


Thanks a lot.



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