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  1. Hi fred-vinapresta, Thanks a lot for the fast reply. I tried this but unfortunately I have a lot of hard coded links with the language code in them so if I disable the additional language in the back office a lot of my links will fall apart for the default version. Any other idea? Thanks a lot. Guillaume
  2. Hello, I am building a shop in both French (default) and English. The english version is not completely ready so I would like to implement a redirection from the English version to the French version. (even better if possible that any language browser ends up on the French version.) How can I do that? I have found this somewhere but it didn't really work out: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^fr/(.*)$ /da/$1 [L,NC,NE,R=301] Any other idea? Many thanks for your time on this. Best regards. Guillaume
  3. Hello, I would like to show the list of products in a sub category without setting an image for the category. If I don't put an image I get this: http://www.autempsdesmontres.com/fr/25-montres-bracelets-acier-femme There are existing products but they won't appear. Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks Guillaume
  4. Hello, For synchronization reasons with another system I would need to assign the number I want as customer id. Do you think this is possible? If yes would it be possible to use this new customer id as login instead of the email address? (If that means never using any email notifications afterwards for the customer that's absolutely fine). Many thanks for your help on this. Guillaume
  5. Hello, I am a bit stuck with the following problem. I am trying to show a different product list for when the user is logged in or logged out. As default when the user is logged out I have a left-center-right column for my product list. (file: product-list.tpl) I would like to get rid of the right column and change the size of my center column when the user is logged in for example. That means that ideally I would use the same classes but with different attributes depending on if the user is logged in or not. I know the existence of {if $logged} ... {/if} but it's not enough to solve my problem Is there a workaround this? Many thanks for your time on this. Guillaume
  6. I have attached the file: product.php I am not sure to understand what you're looking for on this line. I have the following code around this line: public static function getProductsProperties($id_lang, $query_result) { $egrratingrichsnippet = Module::getInstanceByName('egrratingrichsnippet'); if($egrratingrichsnippet->active) { $results_array = array(); Thanks Product.php
  7. Hello I have tried to move a prestashop install (1.5) from a domain to another. In the process I removed the following tables because my database was way too big: PS_connections, PS_connectionss_page, PS_connection_source PS_guest, PS_pagenotfound, PS_page_viewed, PS_date_range,PS_referrer_cache. Everything is moved but this is what I am seeing now. The shop is there but there's a massive problem at the top! Any ideas why I am getting this? Many thanks for your time. Guillaume source: http://www.hdvideoshop.com destination where the problem is: http://www.mjit-berlin.de/
  8. Hello Unfortunately I am encountering the same issue here. I have put the fix in place in ajax-cart.js but no luck. (I have forced compile) I can't do the translations thing as I am over the limit and my host won't up the limit for security reasons. I am just thinking of something. As you can see on my screenshots I have these two carrier appearing. What about removing the "free" carrier in my db. Would that create a mess? Thanks for your time Guillaume
  9. Hi Pascal, Many thanks for your answer. You definitely pointed me in the right direction. I definitely see how it's constructed now. But I am quite unlucky as what I want to change is nowhere to be found. I have taken all the files and searched for the div responsible for the paypal button I want to change but no luck. Am I again missing something? That's what I want to work on: http://www.hdvideoshop.com/themes/mytheme/img/paypal-button.jpg Thanks again. Guillaume
  10. Hello, I am trying to modify the quick order page. For instance underneath 1. Addresses I want to be able to add some custom text. I have been through numerous files but I can't seem to find the one where I can apply such a change.. creating a div etc.. Does anyone know which file is responsible for the quick order page? Thanks a lot. Guillaume Besson
  11. Here are my findings. I have been to the confirmation page and retrieved the source code. http://www.presencepro.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/order-finalised-screen.jpg No trace of the google adwords conversion code there! This where I placed it though: http://www.presencepro.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/order-confirmation-tpl.jpg Does it make sense to you?
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