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Translations added during module installation.


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I would like to know, if it is possible to add translations right when module is installed?


I know module folder can have translations folder, where language files are created automatically by the prestashop back office translation tool, when selected for core but can you add the language files with the installation? How?

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I tried solution where I provided translation file with the module from the installation but prestashop still did not get all the translations but changed the hash in the translation files instead.


For example I provided following line:


$_MODULE['<{MODULENAME}prestashop>MODULENAME_8b0c97deb9ffdc4b4296b68f741eec7a'] = 'My value';


But prestashop changed the 8b0c97deb9ffdc4b4296b68f741eec7a to c1e07bde1f333eae66760d01e30f60ba meaning it did not get the provided value.


Same thing happened for 3 translations. Worked for 30 other translations tho, where hashes stayed the same but half working solution ain't acceptable at this point.


Any ideas?

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