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I am working on my eshop, and I need help from somebody with more experience than me :)

So, I have company address (show on main page) and I need for order return make another address in generated pdf.

Now I know I can change it in file "order-return.tpl" part of code:


                            <li>{l s='Please include this number return reference on your return package:' pdf='true'} {$order_return->id}</li>
                            <li>{l s='All products must be returned in their original package without damage or wear.' pdf='true'}</li>
                            <li>{l s='Please print out this document and slip it into your package.' pdf='true'}</li>
                            <li>{l s='The package should be sent to the following address:' pdf='true'}</li>
So, can somebody help me?
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