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  1. Hi all, I red lot of topic on this theme, but without answer on my issue. So, I need to make dropdown top menu from CMS pages, I have module BLOCKTOPMENU. In CMS pages I made category (a) and for this category I made 3 child (pages) (1,2,3). In module (BLOCKTOPMENU) configuration I added all of created pages, mean a, 1, 2, 3. After this I have all item next to each. I tryed turn on search field and anythink helps me. Somebody has any idea? My pages: www.malymedvidek.cz Thank you
  2. Hi Shacker, thank you. But now I solved issue - I load last backup and everythink seems like to be ok. Once again thank you for your help. Topic can be closed. P.
  3. And one more strange thing: some pictures are show in Mozilla and other one pictures are show in Chrome. Cache I deleted in both browsers.
  4. Dear all, can somebody help me with showing pictures. As you can see on my webiste www.malymedvidek.cz. On main page I have products, some of them are without picture, but if you click them, pictures are inside and visible, but this pictures dont show. I tryed regenerated thumbnails (everytime end it by white page) and nothing that I read dont working. Thank you for help P.
  5. Dear all, today (i dont know how) I receive on my product page question marks in the diamonds (find attached file). On his place can not be any other marks - there must be empty space. Somebody know what I can do with that? P.
  6. Hi all, I have uploaded xml feed with link on suppliers pictures. Pictures was uploaded everytime, if I opened each product. But while some of the images are not uploaded - and cant be uploaded manualy too. Presta wrote to me: Při kopírování obrázku došlo k chybě, zkontrolujte limit paměti (memory limit). When you copy an image error occurred, check the limit of memory (memory limit). I have no limit hosting - where I can setup more memory? P.
  7. Ahoj všem, mám chybku se kterou si už nevím rady XML feedem jsem naimportoval zboží - nechal jsem ho vypnuté. Zboží, když ho zkotroluji, aktivuji a zároveň se mi dotáhli ke zboží i obrázky. (cca před hodinou to takto fungovalo) Teď z ničeho nic se obrázky přestali dotahovat a ani ručně nejdou vnutit do zboží - a to jak automaticky z odkazu dodavatele, tak i manuálně (kopie na FTP a pak nastavení cesty). Presta píše: Při kopírování obrázku došlo k chybě, zkontrolujte limit paměti (memory limit). Co s tím mám udělat? Hosting mám na wedosu - no limit. Předem díky za jakýkoliv nápad.
  8. Thank you for your fast information. Now I know I have small limits. So, my question is - if I try to open a file multiple times it can help me? (Data is written continuously - and next opening starts on same place where last ends?). I hope I wrote it clearly.
  9. Hi Kjeld, I bought your module today. Just I am trying him, but if I uploaded xml file (68MB) and tryed open it by module - he give me this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /data/web/virtuals/91651/virtual/www/modules/importfast/importfast.php on line 5407 What I can do with that? Thank you for your help. P.
  10. Hi Kjeld, can I see somewhere demo? It is working on Thank you P.
  11. Hi, I am working on my eshop, and I need help from somebody with more experience than me So, I have company address (show on main page) and I need for order return make another address in generated pdf. Now I know I can change it in file "order-return.tpl" part of code: <td> <ul> <li>{l s='Please include this number return reference on your return package:' pdf='true'} {$order_return->id}</li> <li>{l s='All products must be returned in their original package without damage or wear.' pdf='true'}</li> <li>{l s='Please print out this document and slip it into your package.' pdf='true'}</li> <li>{l s='The package should be sent to the following address:' pdf='true'}</li> </ul> {$shop_address} </td> So, can somebody help me?
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