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Clean orders in database


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 I created a few test orders to my online store while I'm in test environment. I want to leave the database clean to pass to real environment, could you tell me what tables I have to go to clear orders?


I made a selection in the image of which I think I have to delete but i'm afraid of make a mistake. 


If I to erase the orders in the database all fictitious billing orders will begin with the number # 1 or I do something else?




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If it's about deleting test orders from a preproduction site, I don't see the problem. Besides, deleting orders is not that big of a deal if you know what you're doing.


yes, until later on when you start seeing ghost products attached to your cart and orders, amongst other things.  I recommend at nausem to just cancel orders, disable products and let them roll off as you get new orders.  yes, knowing what you are doing or not, is why I post this warning.

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