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Redirect after Login - 1.6

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Hey all,

I've had a search for this already however could only find answers for previous versions and didn't want to risk breaking my store!


Currently when a customer logs in, they are taken to their account. However, we would prefer it if they were instead taken to the homepage. How do I go about changing it so that once they have logged in, they are taken to the homepage, rather than my-account ? 


Many thanks


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I think you will have to override your AuthController. Look for processSubmitLogin(). In this function you should find a redirect to "my-account", in case that no "back" parameter is given. Change this to something like:

$link = new Link();

Not tested, but shouldn't be too wrong :D

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This is the only bit I could find within that function - do I need to add the code above?

 if (!$this->ajax && $back = Tools::getValue('back')){
if ($back == Tools::secureReferrer(Tools::getValue('back')))

$back = $back ? $back : 'my-account';
Tools::redirect('index.php?controller='.(($this->authRedirection !== false) ? urlencode($this->authRedirection) : $back));

I see that it's got the 'my-account' but it looks different from what you've put - will leave it as is for now in case of breaking it all ;) 

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Unless there is a very specific need, after login the user should be redirected back to the original page.


Prestashop apparently doesn't include this feature, at least in

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