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  1. Which products do you want to display? By the way, getProducts is a static function, so you could call it Product::getProducts(....). It returns an array of products, over which you could iterate, with foreach for example, and in this array the product id is behind the key "id_product". P.S. You could walk to this array by reference an add the url to your product array. The smarty assign has to move down to the end of the function, of course.
  2. Hi, no, I was talking about the servers error log. It's almost impossible to guess where you'll find this on you server, because we don't know your server setup. You may want to run phpinfo, you shall find the path to your error log there. If you have no root access, check your FTP or the coniguration panel of your hoster. Regarding your 2nd question. A white page is most commonly an unfetched error, so that the code execution stopped before the page, or at least a part of the page was rendered. All validations run through the class validate. You may look at the head of the product class (fields section) to see, how this is configured and called. But as mentioned. I don't think, that this will help you, fixing your problem. Regards Peter
  3. Consultig the error_log may help.
  4. It is possible, you can always create an instance of your root category and use recurseLiteCategTree on it. The first parameter defines the depth, so you could query that in depth. If you want to start by the product category, you have to query that before. But remember that could be more than one.
  5. As far as I can see, you forgot to iterare over your products. Static getCover in the products class awaits a product id as parameter, no array.
  6. You say, that 381 lines fail. If some, or at least one succeeds, I would recommend to make yourself a short csv with a set of winners and losers. Since csv is a text format, a manual comparison should be possible.
  7. Hello, if you're going to write a module, try to stick to the existing functions. That doesn't meand, that you wouldn't have to write your own queries, but even than, use the DB class to fetch and write. If you need to display and edit objects of any kind, look at the helper classes. These will help you, to develop grids and such much faster. Webservices are nice, if you want to let 2 servers to communicate with each other. But even the webservices rely on the core classes . If you once got the basic object & controller model, you will be able to quickly check, which functions could be reuses and which need to be written by you. Last but not least, whenever possible, use hooks instead of overwrites, nevertheless this doesn't work in every case, or sometimes you would have to spend 5x more time to shio around. Regards Peter
  8. You could achieve this by changing the category.tpl. Look for the subcategories there. You could fetch all manufacturers by iterating through the products and store them in an array. ( I would prefer to write a micromodul for that, but it could also be done in pure smarty. ) You could then iterate over all manufacturers and display whatever you like (instead or in addition to the subcatergory block. You'd have to change the loop, of course, to make it suitable for your array and the manufaturer object. Regards Peter
  9. Danke erstmal für die schnellen Antworten. Einen Shop dazu würde ich aufsetzen, wenn es soweit ist . Wie erwähnt gehören manche exklusiv den Kunden, aber ich nenne gerne mal ein paar Beispiele: Ein Modul zur Personalisierung von Druckerzeugnissen Ein Modul zu Bestellfreigaben Ein Modul für Mietartikel Ein Shortcodemodul, das auch auf CMS Seiten funktioniert Mehrere Importer, um Abbrüche bei großen Listen zu umgehen Ein Modul, das Kunden ermöglicht Dateien in Ihrem Profil zu speichern Diverse Exporter für Lexware Beste Grüße
  10. Hallo liebe Gemeinde , durch meine Arbeit für Kunden habe ich mittlerweile rund ein Dutzend Prestashop Module entwickelt. Nun sind mir dabei Ideen gekommen für Module, die auch für andere Shop-Betreiber interessant sein könnten. Da ich aber leider von meiner Arbeit leben muss, würde mich interessieren, welche Erfahrungen ihr dabei gemacht habt. Also wie hoch die Bereitschaft ist für Module Geld auszugeben. Ich hatte mal Google nach Statistiken befragt, aber leider ohne Erfolg. Würde mich freuen, etwas dazu zu hören. Viele Grüße Peter
  11. I just found this old thread, but the solution didn't work for me. The other solution I found was to rename the .htaccess in the module folder. This didn't work either. After renaming x modules, I tried the most simple solution: I cleared the cache Just in case, that anyone else has such problems...
  12. Honestly, I've no idea what you mean. Maybe you could give us some more details?
  13. Configuring it? I wonder, that you have a configure button at all, because you defined no configuration at all. As for now, your module should only be installed or uninstalled.
  14. I think you will have to override your AuthController. Look for processSubmitLogin(). In this function you should find a redirect to "my-account", in case that no "back" parameter is given. Change this to something like: $link = new Link(); Tools::redirect($link->getPageLink("index")); Not tested, but shouldn't be too wrong
  15. Maybe you managed it yourself by the time, but if not, please post your code. In general, you need a product instance to call the function, calling it like Product::getAttributesResume won't work, because the function refers to $this->id_product. So you would have in call $product->new Product($id_product) first and afterwards $product->getAttributesResume($id_lang).
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