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Show text depending on price with or without tax


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Hi all!


Im trying to display a text in productlist that shows if the price is with or without taxes but i cant get it to work properly.


I need to find the $value to use for the proper display.


Im trying to do this in category.tpl and using


The problem i get is that it has to change if you are logged in to your account that could display the prices without tax, otherwise it should be with tax.




{if $products}
<div class="content_sortPagiBar">
<div class="sortPagiBar clearfix">
{include file="./product-sort.tpl"}
{include file="./nbr-product-page.tpl"}
                    <!--Text med moms-->
                    {if $something here that show price ex tax == 1}
                    <span id=kategori_exmoms>Alla priser visas exkl. moms</span>
                    {elseif $something here that show price with tax == 0}
                    <span id=kategori_inkmoms>Alla priser visas inkl. moms</span>
{include file="./product-list.tpl" products=$products}
<div class="content_sortPagiBar onetwo">
<div class="sortPagiBar clearfix hideme">
{include file="./nbr-product-page.tpl"}
{include file="./pagination.tpl"}
{elseif $category->id}
<p class="warning">{l s='This category is currently unavailable.'}</p>
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