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Assign shipping carrier to specific product combination


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I am developing a store and have a issue with carrier assignment to specific product combination. I know that we can attach / assign different carriers to each individual product e.g


Product 1 = Carrier A

Product 2 = Carrier B

and when both in cart  it will split into 2 orders and each order have its own delivery date and carrier.



But here I am trying to assign carrier to specific product combination. e.g I have created Product 1 and it have 4 combination let suppose. I have two carrier

Carrier A 
Carrier B

and combination settings like this

combination1 =  small size + color red  => Carrier A

combination2 = large size + color blue => Carrier B

combination3 = small size + color red => Carrier A

combination4 = large size + color blue => Carrier B


Note: Sizes and Colors are product attributes.

So when two different combination of product 1 added In cart (e.g combination1 and combination2) it should also split order as in above example with their respective carrier.

i have searched a lot in Prestashop 1.6 and cannot find these options. Can any one please help so how can I achieve this requirement.post-821784-0-04048200-1419415706_thumb.jpg


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