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  1. Grazie per il modulo e la condivisione! Qualcuno sa dirmi se gira anche su PHP 5.4.45 (o 5.6.40)?
  2. in PS seems to work (version used: 0.4.17) but when I check if the module is properly installed I get this error: I've deleted class_index.php in cache directory but I still have the error. Additional infos: Theme name default-bootstrap Php version 5.5.38
  3. How can I Override this instead of changing the original file? (thank you in any case)
  4. Hello there... I was wondering if is it possible (PS 1.6, default theme) to add the value of a combination to a product's name? I have a combination that identifies the number of products contained in all the different packages (EG: 5, 10, 20, 50 items per package). I would like to add this number (when this combination exists) before de name of the product itself. So that in category listing it will show the number of the default combination (5 sweaters, for example). Having this number in products list is somehow more important than having it in product page. I have currently only two possible combinations (size and number. Size won't affect the price). Thanks for you time B
  5. I'm looking for a method or an addon that warns the customer when the total in his cart is approaching the threshold of free shipping. EG if you have free shipping over 50€, when you have 42€ in your cart, a popup (or a message displayed somehow) will remember you about the free shipping rules. Any suggesiton?
  6. Hi, In PS I've changed $orderTotal = $this->context->cart->getOrderTotal(); $minimal_purchase = Tools::convertPrice((float)Configuration::get('PS_PURCHASE_MINIMUM'), $currency); to $orderTotal = $this->context->cart->getOrderTotal(); $minimal_purchase = Tools::convertPrice((float)Configuration::get('PS_PURCHASE_MINIMUM'), $currency); $customer = new Customer((int)(self::$cookie->id_customer)); $groupes = $customer->getGroups(); if (in_array("48", $groupes)) { $minimal_purchase=50; } else { $minimal_purchase=0; } where "48" is the ID for a custom group that should have the limitation of a minimum purchase of 50 pieces. Nothning happens. I've also tryed to put it as an ovveride in /override/controllers/front (and I've deleted /cache/class_index.php). What behavior should I expect instead? A warning text?
  7. By taking a look to the DB, the "ag_range_price" table has recorded all my attempts to save the ranges with lower values but has assigned them to IDs of nonexistent carriers 😕
  8. On PS (default theme) I'm getting a strange behavior with carriers. If I change the prices in Ranges tab ("Will be applied when...", Step 2 in settings pages: "Shipping Locations and Costs") it will save new values only if I put higher prices. Lower values won't be saved. Any idea?
  9. I really hope you will add the possibility to open the pic into a fancybox/lightbox. In any case, thanks for this excellent module.
  10. Got it! Thank you, I'll try this solution in my next project.
  11. Hello, is it possible to override all the css editing only one file? I mean: I have to change a lot of rules in some of the css (like: blocksearch.css, blockcart.css, global.css, superfish-modified.css, blocktopmenu.css, homeslider.css). Should I edit each of the separately or Is there a way to achieve the same result by modifing only one file (eg: global.css....)? Maybe I should see which one is loaded as last? I'm using default theme in PS thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, is there a way to increase the duration of submenu display in mainmenu module (prestashop, Classic Theme)? I mean: I'd like to add sort of delay before the fadout effect start. Is it possible? Any help would be appreciated, have a nice day. F
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