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Country in drop-down list not present


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I have a problem with my store because in creating new account when I choose country in address Poland is not an option. I have updated language pack but its still not there. The address of shop is powerneed.com


Also I have problem with addresses form in both powerneed.com and sklep.sunen.eu (which are on multistore with the same inventory). It seems that zip-code field for Poland is not appearing. I don't know how to fix it. 



Also facebook box is not displaying properly on sklep.sunen.eu main page. The settings for this module are the same (for powerneed.com and sklep.sunen.eu) and the main store has fb displaying properly. 



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Hey, thx for your reply.



In countries I cannot choose Poland (for powerneed.com) but for sklep.sunen.eu it is present. I don;t know why.


Dang..it's  hard to say...if you would like, message me back office link with login email and pwd...and I will look and advise if I see anything...


note: here is what valid IP's (restricted countries which is fine) but also what non-resolved IP addresses see:




why are you using geo location?  currency match?

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I switched off geo-location now but don't know how to change currency match. 


I resolved the problem with missing language. I had to go to Poland from sklep.sunen.eu and tick the powerneed.com availability option. And now it works. http://scr.hu/4rqh/u9r9t

Still having problem with addresses not showing up on 3rd step of purchase. http://scr.hu/4rqh/4hbtd
This works for powerneed.com but not for sklep.sunen.eu
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