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Make Quick View the default detail page.


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Hi there! I was wondering if (and how) is possible to change the page you see when you click on any product to see it's detail. I kinda like the simple look and layout of the quick view pop up window so would like to use it instead of the classic new page. Is there a way? :)

I read many threads about disabling the quick view but couldn't find how to do the opposite — disable the default new page detail :)



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Why do you think it´s a bad idea? I believe it can be usefull (buying directly from the product-list page is easier than entering each product page and the fancybox is nicer and have more information than he product listing).


Anyway what I'm really trying to do is to adjust the fancybox size and loading speed.  :D

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Did you try to use quick view function from JS file?


Go to themes/default-bootstrap/js/global.js and find function quick_view().

It is responsible for opening products in fancybox. I'm sure that you can easily use it to another links.

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