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  1. Hola. Quiero hacer que la búsqueda por facetas de mi sitio aparezca en la parte superior y no a la izquierda. Pude lograrlo añadiendo el siguiente código en el product-list.tpl: {if isset($listing.rendered_facets) && $listing.rendered_facets} <div class="horizontal_filters"> {$listing.rendered_facets nofilter} </div> {/if} Pero ahora quisiera que esté oculto y que se despliegue una vez se haga click sobre el botón: Filtros (que aparece en la parte superior derecha) Me imagino que no debe ser algo tan complicado (porque básicamente es el efecto que hace cuando está a la izquierda), pero no he podido lograrlo. Agradezco ayuda! Estoy usando Prestashop
  2. Hi, this was really useful. Does anybody know how to make it toggle down when clicking the FILTER button? Thanks!
  3. Hola Gerardo. Gracias por tu respuesta. Voy a probar eso que dices de restringir el método de pago según el transportista. Saludos!
  4. Hola @joseantgv Los clientes no los hago yo, ellos se generan sus propias cuentas. Hay manera de que se generen diferentes tipos de clientes según la zona que ellos seleccionen? Gracias
  5. Hola. Quisiera que dependiendo de la zona en la que se encuentre el cliente, le aparezcan diferentes zonas geográficas. Tengo 2 zonas: Este y Resto de Uruguay. Para los clientes que se encuentren en la Zona Este me gustaría aceptar pago contrareembolso, pero que a los que se encuentran en Resto de Uruguay sólo puedan pagar con transferencia bancaria. A alguien se le ocurre cómo lograr esto? Muchas gracias. Estoy usando Prestashop y mi sitio es www.tiendadearte.com.uy
  6. Hello, Since last week my web is loading very slow. The backoffice is ok but the frontpage is very slow. The hosting provider told me that the resources are ok. That it may have something to do with some module, but I tried disabling each one but nothing happened. UPDATE: I tracked the error to a link to myFontastic icons but I'm not sure how to solve it. I'm using Prestashop and php 5.6 My site: tiendadearte.com.uy
  7. I really don't remember deleting or changing any language but I may have done it sometime. Attached are both screenshots. The product with the error is #5589.
  8. Hi, thank you for your response. I reinstalled English but I still have the same problem. I tried to create the product again and I faced the same issue. Would it work if instead of colour selector I create a drop down list with the colour names and instead see the colour in the images?
  9. I switched to debug mode but the error is the same (see attached). It only happens in the backoffice and the only combination is colours. It also has only one image.
  10. Hi, I get a 500 error when i try to modify a single product in the backoffice. The item has 117 different colours and i guess the problem has something to do with the combinations. I'm using Prestashop and php 5.6. My php.ini has the following parameters: max_execution_time = 90 max_input_time = 120 max_input_vars = 1000 memory_limit = 128M Thanks
  11. Hello, I recently migrated my store from localhost to cPanel. Everything was ok but a few modules don't allow the web to load correctly neither access to the module part of the backoffice. I ran the web in debug mode and saw which ones were giving the problems. Momentarily I changed the folders names of the modules so they are not loading. The weird thing is I'm using the same version of Prestasshop and the same php (5.4.45) The modules are: blockreassureance, facetedsearch and social follow. I think it may have something to do with the footer. My site: http://www.tiendadearte.com.uy/ Thanks
  12. Hello, I want to add the Whatsapp icon to the Social Media follow buttons module but I'm not sure how. I added the link to whatsapp in the RSS link grid and then changing the rss.svg file to a Whatsapp icon but it remains with the rss icon. I'm working with a localhost server.
  13. Hi musicmaster, Thanks for your response. Even though the category weight is 3, the search should return information if it doesn´t find it in the other "heavier" search labels (product name, description, etc.) Anyway, I changed the weight but it still don´t work.
  14. Hello everybody, I would like the Quick Search module to search not only for products, but for store information, like location, contact, attention hours and CMS pages. I noticed that lot of my clients are using the search bar to find out this type of information but the result is obviously none. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Works great now. Thank you very much for you help! It´s really appreciated
  16. I don´t have the $(window).load(function() part in the product.js but I guess it has something to to with the following part of the js. Please let me know and thans again! if (original_url != window.location || first_url_check) { first_url_check = false; url = window.location + ''; // if we need to load a specific combination if (url.indexOf('#/') != -1) { // get the params to fill from a "normal" url params = url.substring(url.indexOf('#') + 1, url.length); tabParams = params.split('/'); tabValues = []; if (tabParams[0] == '') tabParams.shift(); for (var i in tabParams) tabValues.push(tabParams[i].split(attribute_anchor_separator)); product_id = $('#product_page_product_id').val(); // fill html with values $('.color_pick').removeClass('selected'); $('.color_pick').parent().parent().children().removeClass('selected'); count = 0; for (var z in tabValues) for (var a in attributesCombinations) if (attributesCombinations[a]['group'] === decodeURIComponent(tabValues[z][0]) && attributesCombinations[a]['attribute'] === tabValues[z][1]) { count++; // add class 'selected' to the selected color $('#color_' + attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute']).addClass('selected'); $('#color_' + attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute']).parent().addClass('selected'); $('input:radio[value=' + attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute'] + ']').attr('checked', true); $('input[type=hidden][name=group_' + attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute_group'] + ']').val(attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute']); $('select[name=group_' + attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute_group'] + ']').val(attributesCombinations[a]['id_attribute']); }
  17. Hi defuzed and thanks for your quick response. I tried your code but it seems to show the first color in the list instead of the default one. I would like to share an image to be more clear but I can´t find the way to add an attachment in this awful forum.
  18. dedric81 your code works perfectly but there is a small change I would implement: when you click on the product page there is a default color already selected but with your code the color name does not appear until you click on the color grid. Would it be posible to show the color name when the product page is loaded the first time? Hope I was clear!
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