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Adding a new HTML block in the footer


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I'm trying to add an HTML bloc in my footer (using default theme superfish)

(I already looked for solutions in the forum, but all I found didn't seem to work for the 1.6 version.)

Here is what I'm trying to do :



(red texte just says : "Adding a new HTML block here")


I already tried to modify my footer.tpl, but it seems like i'm doing it wrong, each time I tried something, all I got was a totally broken page (all white, with nothing displayed) in the browser  :wacko:


If it can help, among other things, I want to use this place to add copyrights, a few credit card logos, and some text like "Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health" since I work for a company which sells wine.


Thanks for your help mates :)


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Hi vekia, thanks for your help again  ^_^


Ok for the module, I took a look at it already, but didn't manage to do the job. This coding part will probably help, I did not understand what you mean though  :unsure:


I installed your module, without adding code I have this :



Still some work to do, to give it the perfect position...


I guess your step two does this job, but I didn't get it.

What file do I have to modify ?

What is this thing with hooks ? (After 1 month of prestashoping I'm still struggling to understand how this thing works...  :wacko:  )

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I found an alternative. It's kind of a patch-up job, but it works :

I just created a 1170*1 px image, and I put it in the top of the bloc.


Not sure this is a best practice though...  ^_^ It makes the mobile version just terrible... x) But using a computer with a normal screen, its works fine.


Yes you can call me Mc Gyver...  :lol:


Seriously, no idea how to do it well ?

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I guess my skills are too basic to answer your question precisely. But I did not modify the CSS or use this kind of code, if it is what you mean.


I found a solution though !  :D


I used a table, aligned left and with a 1170 width.

Juste like this :

<table align="left">
<td width="1170">WRITE YOUR TEXT HERE</td>

This way, the text takes place in the very bottom of the page (in the left), and we can do whatever we want into the table. And good news, it is responsive :) Works well in small windows/screen !  B)

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